• Night Time Double Exposure with Fujifilm X-T1

    Night Time Double Exposure with Fujifilm X-T1

    Double Exposure or Multiple Exposure is a technique in photography that combines 2 or more images into a single image. I have seen a lot of photos using this technique and I’m always in awe whenever I see something unique. I was so inspired, that tonight I decided to do this with my new toy. :) My…

  • Summer Wallpaper

    Summer Wallpaper

    Hello! Can you feel it? It’s almost summer! I know a lot of you are excited, especially the students. Talk about lazy afternoons, looooong sleep, late night tv, and of course family outings! Summer wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the beach! I am happy to share this free wallpaper to those who are…

  • {food} Cinnamon + Apple

    {food} Cinnamon + Apple

    I haven’t baked for awhile now because of my busy scheds with wedding shoots in Boracay. I am actually returning in the island tomorrow. So before I leave, I decided to make (for the second time) this yummy cinnamon apple combo! I got the recipe here. The first time I made it, it was just…

  • {maternity} Simit and Shreya

    {maternity} Simit and Shreya

    “All the time we wondered and wondered, who is this person coming, growing, turning, floating, swimming deep, deep inside.” – Crescent Dragonwagon We received an inquiry from Simit few days before their trip to Boracay. Shreya is already in her 6th month of pregnancy and they are pretty excited about this shoot. They want to…

  • Iloilo Dinagyang Pyromusical Competition 2014

    Iloilo Dinagyang Pyromusical Competition 2014

    “We anoint their fuses with a tiny amount of fire, and they come alive, playing out their lifespan in a matter of seconds. In those few seconds a crack in the universe is opened, giving us a glimpse of the energy locked within all matter.” -Bob Weaver

  • {food} Sweet Afternoon

    {food} Sweet Afternoon

    I absolutely love sweets! When I was in high school, I enjoyed watching Food Network and drool over the desserts they make. This afternoon I figured I should redeem myself from my first not-so-yummy-and-tasty-cupcakes I made for my father’s birthday. I still have enough supply of baking ingredients so I decided to use them today.…

  • Happy Birthday Papa!!!

    Happy Birthday Papa!!!

    It was my father’s birthday last Saturday and we celebrated it at home. He’s already 63, but he is still very fit. His love for tennis helped a lot. :) On your birthday, I want to say thank you for your unconditional love and support. For the comfortable life you gave. For the sacrifices you…

  • Thank you, 2013!!!

    Thank you, 2013!!!

    First blog post of the year 2014!!! If you wake up feeling wonderful and ready to meet the year, then high five! ;) Thank you so much 2013 for all the blessings, good memories, struggles, mistakes and the lessons learned. It all happened for a reason and I am thankful for the experience. :) I…

  • {wedding} Randy and Macel – Details

    {wedding} Randy and Macel – Details

    As a photographer, I always loved to shoot weddings with beautiful details. In fact, one of my favorite things to shoot are the details: from gowns, to shoes, invitations, flowers and sometimes diy details of the couple – my fave! This sweet November wedding was styled by The Green Button Events (formerly Beau Events). I…

  • My Not So Ordinary, But Amazing Birthday!

    My Not So Ordinary, But Amazing Birthday!

    It’s the holiday season! I’ve always loved Christmas. Everyone seems happy. It’s so festive with bright lights everywhere! December is also very special to me… it’s my birth month! :) My birthday is always about spending time with my loved ones. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it or have big…

  • {written love} from Laura and Eric

    {written love} from Laura and Eric

    All smiles before the day ends. Received this sweet message from Laura and Eric. :) We ate dinner at Gerry’s Grill – our all-time, go-to place after every photo shoots. Thanks for the treat guys! Glad you enjoyed your first taste of Filipino food. :) Before leaving home the next day, they gave us this.…

  • {wedding} Rustic Beach Wedding – Teaser

    {wedding} Rustic Beach Wedding – Teaser

    Some teasers from our wedding last friday at Friday’s Boracay. :) This is, by far, the most challenging wedding we styled! I will post the rest of the photos soon and I will also share our personal experience. Styling by The Green Button (formerly Beau Events) Full set of photos HERE.  

  • Yolanda Aftermath: Our home in Balasan, Iloilo

    Yolanda Aftermath: Our home in Balasan, Iloilo

    It is so heartbreaking to watch and hear the news about the recent super typhoon that hit our country. Sadly, many people lost their homes, some were hurt and others died. [source: DOST PAGASA Facebook page] Last Friday, November 8, 2013, super Typhoon Haiyan (Bagyo Yolanda) made landfall in northern Panay Island. On Thursday, my…

  • {proposal} Keith and Sharon

    {proposal} Keith and Sharon

    My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; We’ll lock them up together, And throw away the key. – Frederick Saunders When Keith first told me about his proposal plan, I felt all giddy and excited! I’ve never seen an actual proposal. Let alone photograph it. This proposal, was of course,…

  • {love shoot} Ronan and Teresa

    {love shoot} Ronan and Teresa

    Teresa contacted us last May and it’s great to finally meet them in person during their afternoon e-session in Boracay. They are so easy to work with and we all had a blast during this shoot! We were blessed with a beautiful weather and a couple as gorgeous as these two. Check out a few…

  • {travel} Baclayon Church – Bohol, Philippines

    {travel} Baclayon Church – Bohol, Philippines

    There are many things happening beyond our control. Life is fragile and our future is unpredictable. Just like what happened last week in Bohol and Cebu. A massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake caused a lot of destruction, killing people. I was there. I experienced it… and the many aftershocks thereafter. That was the worst earthquake I’ve…

  • Happy Birthday Nanay!!!

    Happy Birthday Nanay!!!

    Today is a very special day, it’s my mom’s 56th birthday!!! :) Cheers to the most patient and caring mother a daughter can ever have. Words can’t express how happy I am for having a mom like you. ♥ Thank you for taking care of us and raising us to be the person that we are today.…

  • {food} Casa Verde – Cebu City

    {food} Casa Verde – Cebu City

    When I travel to a new place, part of what I research is their food. I try to make it a point to eat at a local place and also make an excuse of spoiling myself and thinking I can not eat this when I’m back home! :D On to my search for top restaurants…

  • {travel} Chocolate Hills, Bohol

    {travel} Chocolate Hills, Bohol

    We were all excited to finally visit the world famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol. This is part of our Countryside Tour from Wow Bohol Tours.  It was very cloudy when we arrived but thankfully it did not rain. To be honest, I was expecting a lot of hills just like how it looks in…

  • {love shoot} Daniel and Ella – Teaser

    {love shoot} Daniel and Ella – Teaser

    We met Daniel and Ella on the day of their love shoot. They are not from Iloilo but went here as tourist and included in their itinerary is to have an engagement session right here, in the city love! As with most love shoots, it always start off quiet, the couple getting comfy in front…

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