{travel} Chocolate Hills, Bohol

We were all excited to finally visit the world famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol. This is part of our Countryside Tour from Wow Bohol Tours.  It was very cloudy when we arrived but thankfully it did not rain. To be honest, I was expecting a lot of hills just like how it looks in the photos we’ve seen online… but nonetheless, we were still amazed! :)


chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-05 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-04

214 steps up to the viewpoint, are you ready? :)chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-03 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-06

Hello Mint-Chocolate Hills! :Dchocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-07 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-08

A few photos of us and some selfies :p
chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-09 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-10 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-11 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-12 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-13 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-14 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-15

On your way down (the other side), you will pass by Birhen sa Lourdes Grotto and on the exit are some religious and Bohol souvenirs.
chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-16 chocolate-hills-bohol-philippines-17

It was very cloudy but the hills still looked awesome! I will be back next week for my first Bohol wedding (Yay!) and I do hope I can visit this place again with clear blue skies this time. :)

This is part of our Cebu-Bohol Itinerary series. :)


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