{food} Sweet Afternoon

I absolutely love sweets! When I was in high school, I enjoyed watching Food Network and drool over the desserts they make. This afternoon I figured I should redeem myself from my first not-so-yummy-and-tasty-cupcakes I made for my father’s birthday. I still have enough supply of baking ingredients so I decided to use them today. I browsed the web in search of new recipes and voila… found this simple chocolate cupcake recipe AND this pineapple upside down cupcake. Yep. I made two different flavored cupcakes! :D

These are the first batch of cupcakes. I don’t have powdered sugar so there’s no frosting on this one.

It’s so soft and moist, tastes mild and not too sweet. Yummmm! How I wish I had the frosting, it would’ve been perfect!plain-chocolate-cupcake-2-cea

Same recipe, different pan. I love the cracks and that dark brown color. I swear it’s not burnt! :D

Last one, my pineapple cupcake (or muffin). Just look at that golden brown color. :Dpineapple-upsidedown-cupcake-cea

and another…pineapple-upsidedown-cake-1-cea pineapple-upsidedown-cake-2-cea

Flip it over and this is how it looks. I have no cherries so yeah, it looks plain (it’s supposed to be an upside down cake).

One of the best pineapple cake recipe! You should try and bake one. Super moist, soft, and sweeeet! You can adjust the sugar if it’s too sweet for your taste. ;)pineapple-upsidedown-cake-4-cea