{love shoot} Ronan and Teresa

Teresa contacted us last May and it’s great to finally meet them in person during their afternoon e-session in Boracay. They are so easy to work with and we all had a blast during this shoot! We were blessed with a beautiful weather and a couple as gorgeous as these two. Check out a few photos of them below and some BTS action. :)

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
-Lao Tzu

puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-01 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-02 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-03 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-04 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-05I LOVE Teresa’s hair! I am starting to miss my curly hair!puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-06 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-08 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-09First time in a long time. It’s been a while since I last photographed Boracay’s sunset. :)

puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-10 BTS :) puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-11 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-12 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-13 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-14 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-15 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-16 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-17 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-18 puka-beach-boracay-prenup-engagement-rt-19

Photographers: Cea / Kiks / Roel
HMUA: Ma Ke of Colors and Strokes
Locations: Puka Beach / Boracay West Cove

Full set soon on Love Train Studios’ blog.