{food} Cinnamon + Apple

I haven’t baked for awhile now because of my busy scheds with wedding shoots in Boracay. I am actually returning in the island tomorrow. So before I leave, I decided to make (for the second time) this yummy cinnamon apple combo! I got the recipe here. The first time I made it, it was just heaven! I love the scent of cinnamon! I followed the ingredients and instructions carefully coz I don’t want to mess this up and waste the ingredients (in case I do some crazy experiments). For this batch though, I decided to substitute butter for a cheaper alternative. I tried margarine and it still tastes delish! :)

I encourage you to try this classic recipe! It will taste twice as good if you made them yourself. ;)

Freshly-baked without the toppings (cinnamon + sugar + butter).
Cinnamon-Apple-Loaf-Muffins-by-ceabacolor-1 Cinnamon-Apple-Loaf-Muffins-by-ceabacolor-3 Cinnamon-Apple-Loaf-Muffins-by-ceabacolor-4
Mmmm… can you smell it? C-Na-Mon!!! :D