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When I travel to a new place, part of what I research is their food. I try to make it a point to eat at a local place and also make an excuse of spoiling myself and thinking I can not eat this when I’m back home! :D On to my search for top restaurants in Cebu until I stumbled upon Casa Verde. I read some reviews and people were raving and giving good feedback. Hmmm this place must be good…

casa-verde-restaurant-cebu-01Zumba at Ayala Center Mall


Day 2 in Cebu, Joy and I met with our classmate Eddie. We never really planned nor did I know that Casa Verde has a branch in Ayala. We were just strolling around to look for a place to eat until I saw Casa Verde. Yipee! The place is jam pack! There’s a queue if you want to eat inside their air-conditioned restaurant, but we were already hungry and so we decided to eat on one of their tables outside.


We ordered the following:

  • Brian’s Ribs – P280
  • Karlamari – P118
  • Chicken, Mushroon, Cheese – P238
  • Extra Rice and Bottomless Ice Tea


Here’s their menu:
[click the image to enlarge]
casa-verde-restaurant-cebu-04 casa-verde-restaurant-cebu-05 casa-verde-restaurant-cebu-06 casa-verde-restaurant-cebu-07 casa-verde-restaurant-cebu-08

My verdict? 8.5 out of 10 for overall experience.
The serving of the food, the price and the taste… All worth it! I did not expect the ribs to be that huge! I forgot how long our order arrived maybe in 15 to 20 minutes? The ambience would’ve been better if we were inside since it is very humid outside. One little teeny-weeny thing I don’t like is the service. Seems like the waiters are always in a hurry. I felt like I need to rush when I order or ask something. haha! Maybe they’re just tired since it’s already late and they have a lot of customers to attend to… but it’s all good! My tummy is too happy to get grumpy! :D
I will definitely come back if I visit Cebu again! :)



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