{proposal} Keith and Sharon

My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We’ll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.
– Frederick Saunders

When Keith first told me about his proposal plan, I felt all giddy and excited! I’ve never seen an actual proposal. Let alone photograph it. This proposal, was of course, a secret to Sharon, her girlfriend of 14 years. The plan was very simple. All Keith needed is an engagement ring, bouquet of flowers, and a romantic and beautiful backdrop to propose… Boracay’s sunset.

I admit, I was a little busy focusing on my shots to make sure I captured their emotions but after he knelt in front of her, it hit me… I can feel the love and happiness exuding from them. :) They are from Hong Kong and Keith is speaking in Chinese, the only thing I understood were the words “Will you marry me?” and Sharon nodded. Yay!!! :)

Below are some of the moments I captured from this proposal. Enjoy and feel the love. ♥

kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_01 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_02 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_03 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_04 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_05 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_06 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_07 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_08 Some of you may wonder why Sharon is wearing a cute wedding dress. What she knows is they are only having a fun love shoot in Boracay. So aside from the casual beach clothes, they also prepared a wedding dress (this is common from our Chinese clients).

Here we are together with the newly-engaged couple. ♥

kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_09 kt-boracay-sunset-engagement-prewedding-prenup-proposal-shangrila_10I recently received an e-mail from them and they plan to get married in Okinawa, Japan next year. We are so happy for you guys! Best of luck and happy wedding planning! :)

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color – oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”
– Anna Godbersen

Full set soon on Love Train Studios’ blog.