Happy Birthday Papa!!!

It was my father’s birthday last Saturday and we celebrated it at home. He’s already 63, but he is still very fit. His love for tennis helped a lot. :)
On your birthday, I want to say thank you for your unconditional love and support.
For the comfortable life you gave. For the sacrifices you made so you could provide for the family. We know the hardships that you’ve been through and we truly appreciate everything.

Some are scared and intimidated by you, because of your career and what you have achieved. You are strict. We don’t mind. We understand you’re only doing it for our own sake and also doing the best you can to be the father that we admire today.
Thank you for making us laugh and smile with your funny comments and silly jokes. No one can do it better than you do.
To the first man I love and will forever love, thank you for everything!
I may not say it often, but I love you very much Papa!
For his birthday, I made him some cupcakes. Apologies for my baking skills, but this is my first ever experiment. I even dared to feed the entire family this and some relatives… oh my! Well the good news is, it’s all gone now. Yes, it’s edible, but not brag-worthy. It’s red velvet, by the way. :p I  have a lot of ingredients left. I can still practice and force feed my family. Yay? :D



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