{travel} Marbuena Island Resort, Ajuy, Iloilo

Summer trips are always fun especially when you’re with family! My brother and I were on the hunt for this years summer escapade. We want to go somewhere near, where we can drive, not too pricey, and it has to be in a beach! We were choosing between Guimaras (again), Antique (too far) or Ajuy, Marbuena Island Resort.


My brother suggested Marbuena several times before but I was hesitant at first because I thought they’re expensive. I always do my research when I travel, especially for trips with family. I want to make sure it’s worth it since we only do this once every year. I googled for hours, read reviews, looked for photos, until finally deciding to call and inquire.

I spoke with Nolan, their manager, and he was very kind. He answered all my questions (I made a list hehe) quickly and politely. I myself work in an industry where I talk to different clients and I admire how he responds.

View of Marbuena Island from Brgy. Mangorocoro, Ajuy.marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-42Ajuy is a 2-hour drive from Iloilo city. Going to the island is another 20 minutes.

Just a little background: In 2013, when Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the Philippines, Ajuy was one of the severely affected town in the Visayas. Nolan shared to me how almost everything was destroyed at Marbuena Island. I can only imagine how bad it was for them to experience and see their beloved island destroyed. :(

Now, they continue to do renovations and slowly gaining back the true beauty of their resort.



As we approach the island, we can already see their sandbar. I am getting excited and loving what I’m seeing so far! The crystal clear water, white sand, lush trees.. ahh it was perfect! Their friendly and helpful staff greeted us as we arrived.
marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-03 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-04 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-07marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-08

Our humble abode for the next 24-hours.


Our view. :)


They have rooms located near the main entrance but it’s still being renovated.

marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-10 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-11

Playground for the kiddos and kids-at-heart.


There are 2 other groups during our trip. We’re the only big group with kids!

The resort was so peaceful. It’s like having the island all to ourselves!


marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-28Our sumptuous lunch!!! Freshly-caught crabs and shells from Marbuena. Yum! We brought the rest.

The first priority of the owner for their renovations is their chapel. :)


marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-17 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-18 Aside from swimming, one can enjoy an afternoon stroll around Marbuena’s man-made path circling the entire island.marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-19 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-20 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-21marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-22 You can also walk in its nature trail and watch the birds fly overhead. This path also leads to the Stations of the Cross.marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-23 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-25


The view on top.marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-26 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-29


The sunset here is amazing! My photo can’t even justify how lovely it is.

Just standing here, at the edge of the sandbar, watching the sun as it fades away… bliss.marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-30 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-32

marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-33 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-34

I didn’t bring my laptop for this trip, just my phone for music and a bunch of cameras to capture all these memories.

My niece and I did some light painting to pass the time. We use our phones as our “light brush”. :Dmarbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-35 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-36 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-37 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-38 marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-39Our family are so thankful for the warm hospitality at Marbuena resort. If only we can stay longer, we would! We absolutely enjoyed every minute of our stay and we’ll definitely consider another trip here in the future!marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-40


Before I end this post, I’d like to warn you of this dog. He uses his “super puppy eyes” to lure you into handing him food. haha! Oh, Nicolo! We miss you and your big heavy head on our laps. He’s super friendly, we want to adopt him! :D


marbuena-island-ajuy-iloilo-beach-by-ceabacolor-44Again, thank you Marbuena Island Resort

For inquiries, please contact Nolan +63 907 498 3351.

[All photos, except the last two, were shot with Fuji X-T1 with 18mm lens.]



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