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  • {travel} Baclayon Church – Bohol, Philippines

    {travel} Baclayon Church – Bohol, Philippines

    There are many things happening beyond our control. Life is fragile and our future is unpredictable. Just like what happened last week in Bohol and Cebu. A massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake caused a lot of destruction, killing people. I was there. I experienced it… and the many aftershocks thereafter. That was the worst earthquake I’ve…

  • {travel} Cebu – Bohol Itinerary and Expenses (5days 4nights)

    {travel} Cebu – Bohol Itinerary and Expenses (5days 4nights)

    At last! I finally set foot in the Queen city of the south! I just got back two days ago from our 5 days and 4 nights trip to Cebu and Bohol and I can’t believe it’s over! Why so fast?! So before I forget everything, I will be sharing the detailed itinerary and expenses…