{wedding} Carlo & Ivy | Fujifilm X-T1 & Helios 58mm

I’m a sucker for bokeh and shallow depth of field. I am always trying to look for ways to achieve this. In my experience, one major factor in doing so is through the choice of lens. I recently bought a second hand vintage lens, the Helios 44M-4 58mm f2.0. Before deciding on the purchase, I did my usual search for their sample images and reviews. I was so excited with what I read and what I saw! I went ahead and got the lens. It was so cheap, this lens is a steal! It came with a vented lens hood, macro extension tube and an adapter for my fuji body.

I was able to try and test this lens for the first time during one of our recent wedding coverage. It was helluva challenge to shoot in manual focus for the first time in a wedding. I had to try it for several times before finally getting the hang of it. Good thing my X-T1 has a split screen that lets me see both a regular view of the scene, as well as the focus assist (zoomed) view. The focus assist view makes focusing in manual easier, but I still need a lot of practice. :D

Disclaimer: I am not the main photographer of this wedding and I carry another DSLR body with me. I wouldn’t dare practice, especially using a manual lens for the first time, if I was the main photographer. :p

Now unto the photos! Here are some of my favorite shots, out of the hundreds, using the lens. Enjoy!

Camera Body: Fujifilm X-T1 // Lens: Helios 44M-4 58mm f2.0

iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-01[taken with macro extension tube]

C A R L O  &  I V Y
Wedding Preps and Reception: Westown Hotel Iloilo
Ceremony: Jaro Cathedral Iloilo | Church of St. Elizabeth
Photo: Love Train Studios
Video: RStudios
HMUA: Ma Ke of Colors and Strokes

iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-02 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-03 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-04 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-05 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-06 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-07[taken with macro extension tube]

iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-08 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-09 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-10 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-11 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-12 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-13 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-14 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-15[taken with macro extension tube]

iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-16 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-17 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-18 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-19 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-20 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-21 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-22 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-23 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-24 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-25 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-26 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-27 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-28 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-29 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-30 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-31 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-32 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-33 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-34 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-35 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-36 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-37 iloilo-wedding-fuji-xt1-helios-44m-by-ceabacolor-38

I’d like to thank my funtabulous couple, Carlo and Ivy. You were awesome guys! It was so nice to meet such warm and kind clients like you. Best wishes and congratulations! Happiest new year to you two!!! ^_^



Final Thoughts: I might use this lens again for weddings, BUT not for the whole coverage. :) I will only use this lens during portraits outdoors. I can also use it for a few details shot. This lens is ideal during engagement shoots where there is no time constraint. I will also bring this lens with me for individual or family portraits but NOT for kids. They move a lot. It will be hard to set my focus.


My first impression and overall experience with this lens was challenging and fulfilling at the same time! I am looking forward to using it again on my next shoot! :)