{wedding} Ahmed and Melai – Details

The Wedding of Ahmed and Melai at Estacio Uno, Boracay Island

Wedding Management, Reception Styling, Boutonniere, Signage, Corsages, Flowerballs, Sash: BEAU EVENTS
Documentarist/Folio Photos: Me!!! :)

This wedding happened last August and I was excited to be working with my partner Ma Ke of Beau Events. He organized and planned this wedding in only 3 months! I helped on the day of the wedding and captured all the details he and Melai prepared, mostly DIY. :)

This is not the first time I coordinated a wedding but this is my first wedding with more than 40 guests plus suppliers (I can only handle intimate weddings below 20 haha!). Though this is still an intimate wedding, I still am not experienced with handling big weddings. Good thing Ma Ke’s friends Ash, Annie and Jemz were there to help along the way including pre preparations of other details. We had a huge mishap with our supply of flowers but we were able to pull it off! All in all this wedding was a success!!! What’s important is Melai and Ahmed were happy and everyone enjoyed the company of their closest family and friends.

Congratulations Ahmed and Melai and to the Beau Events Team! :)

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