We Are Each Other's Canvas

We Are Each Other’s Canvas

Today is a very special day. :) ♥

Yesterday was also very special because it’s Mr. Against Imagination’s birthday!
I’m sorry I didn’t greet him on his Facebook wall. I do apologize if I spent my whole day with him… hugged and greeted him personally. I’m an awful girlfriend. How dare me?! (haha!) :p

To make-up for that, here’s a special online greeting to my ever beloved artist.

I have no idea what I’m going to write because you know, you’re a better writer than I am. So let me just show some of our photos together which I rarely ever do.

Let me start with this one. A just-woke-up-photo of us in a cool painting. :D

Now here’s a photo of us a year ago.

Boracay… our little paradise. I am very privileged to consider this beauty as one of my workplace. However, I am more happy to be here when you’re with me.

You used to avoid this place saying it’s too crowded and too commercial. Those were your excuses why you never went here, but I was glad I changed that.


You never got tired of coming here to carry all my bags (including me! heheh).



I am looking forward to more sunsets together…




…and more buffets!!!
(we came early! they are still prepping the food hihi) :Drh-anibersaryo-06

Aside from using my camera, we are also fond of taking pictures with my webcam.
Some of our first couple photos were taken here…

rh-anibersaryo-03…including some of our wackiest and funniest :D
rh-anibersaryo-19I know you don’t want me to share this but I think this is cute hahah! Besides, I look weirder than you do! :))
rh-anibersaryo-05FYI: My fave part of his body is his cheeeeks!!! I ALWAYS pinch it whenever I see him. Don’t be surprised if you see us in public one day… I can’t help it! :))


We also enjoy doing this (animate! arrow left right) :p

Thank you for being as equally weird as I am…rh-anibersaryo-15

Thank you for being patient and understanding…rh-anibersaryo-27

Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me a lot…rh-anibersaryo-14

Thank you for all your support and love…


Happy Anniversary!!! :)
Lab lab very much! ♥


“Love is an art and we are each other’s canvas.”


[ credits to some photos: Kikz, Hexline, Von // special thanks to Liza :) ]